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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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goes to one who wanted children. asleep can feel one winning documentary starting june fourteenth on d w. this is news coming to you live from berlin the latest mission to the international space station has blasted off. on time from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan to german astronauts on the guest copilot. of experiments in preparation for future missions to mock the coming up.
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in. a complete and civil kindle fire drops again the death toll has reached seventy five blanketed with ash and mobs. and disappoint local israeli fans of soccer next week argentina cancelled their wild cup warm up match against israel in face of palestinian protesters. hello and welcome. the latest mission to the international space station is now on its way. to. their. the three person crew blasted off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan german
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astronaut alexander guest is pilot of the soyuz spacecraft taking the team up to the i s s it will be a second mission to the space lab he take over as commander later this year. i guess and his two astronauts american some family and friends are correspondingly shutter shot these pictures of alexander guess saying goodbye to the window of a bus on his rates the launch pad crews are quarantined before takeoff to see if god against illness. and asked to alex's one last message for his mother before driving off have a look. at their son go to do the obvious science correspondent. he's at that european space agency's event in zines a planetarium. so figure you were watching the takeoff right there were thousands
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of other people there must have been a great sense of excitement when liftoff finally happened. amazing it was an absolutely amazing sense of excitement here the planetarium. for it was in the baikonur cosmodrome but we you know it was absolutely palpable to use our cliche here lots of kids here lots of adults people from all sectors of society as i could sort of pick out you know real enthusiasm and about the whole launch and what's coming in the next couple of months now with i was on a mission and actually right now of course is an out of here crop aeration is engineer with a dear law center to tell me what was it like if you you followed this mission this long for some time now so how would you feel like you've launched as well kind of i do yes so you support it. since a few years so it always starts a crew support support when they're assigned to mission the action out and then restart preparing and throughout the mission and post flight so. you get to know
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him quite well and then issues like i have launched as i was kind of nervous sitting there that everything was to go really well for alex i mean that almost sounds like it's a bit of you know like a personal system but it's a bit more detail you know you're you're really looking after the well the well being of the astronauts aren't you that's correct so it sounds like a person or senses but read you compared to mission for him so it's kind of for example. compared to food because it's kind of important to them to have something from their home with them that remembers reminds them where they're from and so on so this is quite a lot of work before and then when they launch we'll go there with them as well and their family because it's been. a week full of. excitement and mission so it's really exciting for the family and for the. food come on could you give us the secret recipe the secret meals but isn't there. a chance.
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i don't know who. the other two but alex taking some pieces with him from from of course for those who don't come push rather than what is ours i guess or yes i was rome i said he wouldn't be using. numbers i don't know the recipes now by a hug but for sure he'd take some swabia recipes with him and so i said ok so tell us a bit about the science that's going to take place because you're also involved in helping out with the science missions on this mission the russians mission show us another part of my child besides crew supporters being a euro come in the fly control team and that's where we all support the astronauts on board every day so they have a timeline the schedule which democrat today we're going to do this experiment after this experiment there's the other one and they're doing some exercise after so we follow through the entire day and before we go in concert we look at it ok
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there are six paramount. anything and we look at it ok what i understand to procedure isn't really clear to me because if it's not to me maybe it's the same questions as i do so we go to the trainers or we look at their hardware and say ok i'm going to try the procedure myself and see where i have troubles and then. the trainers before i go in consul and we look for things with those results as i was a mover thank you very much and reserve banks in the studio if you could talking about eating an alexander guest seems to care about what he eats because he's been tweeting what he had to eat just before he went off the job and it was a russian dish ulk sure. enough about his eating habits but to tell what. he is above you know there's been a lot of buzz about the fact that alexander guest is on this mission is going to take over as commander in a few months from now how important is that for germany and for european space
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exploration. i think it is. very important to have a german not to have a german as a commodity i assessed but it is very fact that it is important for jews for germany that he happens to be german expert about why it is a very prestigious roles a very important role i mean you know a command will go about his business and let's not forget there are also female commanders peggy whitson being one in the past that i can think of right now but the role is if they do this stuff but it's when things happen when somebody has to take control on the i assess that you have somebody actually there in space who can help sort out and communicate directly with ground control because a mission like this is always controlled from the ground you do need to have somebody on the i assess who is a commander who can deal with the other members of the team in a more direct fashion so it is it's like it's important because it is just important for a mission to have a commander but it is a very prestigious role because they are being so few say from europe but also from
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germany you know this is the first site they think. there will be given any thank you very much for sharing all that excitement with us as well as your scientific expertise that is as they say rocket science thank you now if you want to find it even more about alex guess mission to or to watch the watch the blastoff go to dot com stash signs off on a science team on twitter you can see the hand right there at the bottom of the screen let me know when you have to give it some of the stories making news around the wide germany's angela merkel has been answering questions from lawmakers in the chances first ever q any session in the bundestag she responded to questions about the upcoming g. seven summit in canada and a vote in the best case you crisis from now on the chancellor will face questions from linda stark you will make us three times a year. fitly in jordan have has a second nationwide strike to protest against
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a controversial plan to raise income tax jordan's prime minister has already steps down over the uproar against the hike the king has asked the new prime minister to review the tax system. in the us to discover why dozens more homes have been destroyed by new lava flows from the kid over you. apache said some residents will chose not to evacuate had to be rescued by helicopter the killer whale has not destroyed almost two hundred properties since it began on hawaii's big island last month. jetting out of guatemala where fresh flows of superheated ash and much from the volcano fire have forced more people to flee their homes officials now say at least seventy five people have been killed since civil kiddo began erupting at the weekend and almost two hundred more are still missing authorities have issued new evacuation orders and residents have begun to panic
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about what's to come. fleeing the disaster zone. people left their homes as fast as they could taking with them only what they could carry on their own. many hoping for a quick escape or slowed down by clogged roads. authorities issued evacuation orders for half a dozen villages after increased volcanic activity on tuesday raising the threat of further lava flows and hot ash. the reports of panic brothers tried not to. let it get the truth is you don't know what to do. i think what we have to do is to be calm and prayed. i. want to feel those made homeless have been turning to emergency shelters they're depending on authorities to take care of their immediate needs. it's
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a pity and we're hoping the government will help us we don't have anywhere to stay we've lost everything our land our homes he couldn't take anything with us. back in the disaster area many homes have been buried by ash. rescue crews are looking for survivors and victims but they acknowledge their progress has been slowed due to the dangerous terrain. that the people sort of are manuals say that the first response is supposed to be within seventy two hours. but what hasn't been taken into account is the factors holding back our work. like volcanic material at high temperatures we're talking between four hundred seven hundred degrees celsius . the area around the volcano is normally washed farmland but where the ash has fallen it now looks more like a lunar landscape i spoke earlier to
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a juvenile matter from the nasty federation of the red cross and i asked him what he was hearing from the rescue us on the ground. yesterday there are more explosions from the balcony where go were reported and of course as part of a question for at least another six communities the recent rains which we all saw were concerned about or. grew for collapse in some plates which was one of our concerns as well. the situation could actually be the worst in what amount across in our colleagues in the field continue responding to lifesaving activities an urgent need in closely of course monitoring the situation because it's the not over so the number of evacuees is increasing so far it's over three thousand two hundred in different emergency shelters where direct cross as well as other human turn organizations are present providing lifesaving assistance and basic core in the basic needs in these very difficult times that was given
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a medal from the international federation of the red cross argentina have cancelled thirty days suckle was cup warm up in israel following two palestinian turton as some israeli leaders were upset saying leonel messi and his argentinean teammates had succumb to threats but these really opposition has named their sports minister for politicizing the issue of the match cancellation was welcomed by the palestinians argentina culture talking some paoli was unhappy about playing a friendly in israel because of logistical reasons so close to the world cup now the game is cancelled but for very different reasons. the match was originally switched from haifa to jerusalem angering palestinians the city has become the focus of controversy after u.s. president donald trump recognized it as israel's capital palestinians were further incensed because the jerusalem stadium is in the neighborhood of a former palestinian village having burned the argentinian flag protesters
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frightened to burn replica jerseys of argentina star messi. well he will not under any circumstances agree to this match going ahead we've started a campaign against the argentinian football association in which we will target. a tweet from the argentinian embassy in israel confirm the cancellation of the game and said the threats against messi prompted the solidarity of his team mates and fears of a playing the friendly toward israel prime minister binyamin netanyahu had hoped the game against one of the world cup favorites would be good publicity for israel he did not qualify for the finals in russia but moving the match to drew slim has backfired defense minister avigdor lieberman said argentina had given in to israeli hating agitators a blow to israel politically but also a blow to argentina with a game due to have been the last warm up before the world cup kicks off next
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thursday. he wasn't. really looking at the controversy over creative talents that's coming up shortly. to accidentally shed some. trolls. time in the field. can you get out. with code. this week on d w.


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